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Indiana—Fort Wayne—Headwaters Park


Terrific fanfare and civic enthusiasm fueled the opening of the first two phases of the long-awaited Headwaters Park in the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana. As the originators of the conception, planning and creation of the park, the design team at Eric R. Kuhne & Associates (ERK&A) has been working on this city park since the mid-seventies, following through with all of the original research, conceptual development, design options, promotion, and leadership. After twenty years of planning and design-- staff members at ERK&A are, "needless to say... in a bit of disbelief that, after all these years, it's finally happening."

ERK&A did the research to determine that there were, in fact, ideas about the park which went back over a hundred years. This research revealed references from George Washington's military surveyors who first recorded the landscape, to George Kessler's 1913 plan to expand the park and river drives. ERK&A conceptualized the name, "Headwaters Park," identifying the more than 200 acres at the confluence of the St. Joe and St. Mary's River- forming the Headwater of the Maumee River, which flows east toward Toledo, Lake Erie and the St. Lawrence River.