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1920 Souvenir Booklet

In 1920 the Board of Park Commissioners issued the "Souvenir" booklet of The Park and Boulevard System of Kansas City, Missouri. It was a revision and reprint of the 1914 edition and was compiled and written by Fred Gabelman.

George E. Kessler wrote the "Scope and Purpose of Park and Boulevard System" on page 8.

Every park, boulevard and parkway in the system is presented with a brief description along with date acquired, date completed, length or size and cost of acquisition, construction and maintenance.

The park and boulevard system comprised: 1,992.25 acres of parks; 676 acres of parkways; 89.40 miles of improved boulevards and park drives, with an additional 37.20 miles of boulevards and park drives planned.

Plans adopted for acquisition: roadways in parkways, 24.40 miles; parkways, 762.34 acres; parks, 40.72 acres.

Total mileage of boulevard and park drives improved and planned, 151.00 miles.

Total area of parks and parkways acquired and planned, 3,4721.31 acres.

Total cost of the park and boulevard system to April 19, 1920, is:

 Acquisition of lands

$ 8,333,968.19

$ 16,919,873.03

Souvenir Booklet pages 3 through 19 (7.2 MB pdf)

Souvenir Booklet pages 20 through 29 (4.6 MB pdf)

Souvenir Booklet pages 30 through 39 (3.7 MB pdf)

Souvenir Booklet pages 40 through 48 (3.9 MB pdf)